Bristol Case Study

The main issue for me at the time was cash flow

Ms Downing – Invoice Finance


I had just started my courier business when I was referred to Pinnacle. The main issue for me at the time was cash flow. I was desperate to win work as I had just started my business and needed to generate income. I was recommended to use an online courier platform by my accountant. I found that commonly the large companies who I was doing work for had slow payment terms on invoices. This meant that my cash-flow started to struggle after a couple of months of trading. I had daily expenditure such as fuel, repair bills and weekly wages. I had £25,000 worth of invoicing owed to me after 3 months of work. Hardly any invoices were paid with little money to show for it.

I was frustrated that I was doing more work but not getting paid quick enough from my invoices. I spoke to my accountant about the problems I was having with my cash flow finance. They recommend Pinnacle Business Finance and put me in touch with a business finance broker. My business is based in Bristol and so was Pinnacle. When I spoke to a finance broker at Pinnacle, they said this was a common problem and there was a simple solution. They spoke about invoice finance and how it can improve my cash-flow. Because I had so much money outstanding in invoices this gave me a large upfront payment. I got £22,000, and every time I now raise an invoice, I get paid 90% upfront. It took about a week to get the invoice finance facility set up and the broker at Pinnacle reviewed all the information after our first call. They introduced me to a couple of invoice finance providers in Bristol and the South West.

I used the money I generated from invoice finance too repair the vans on the road and paid off my fuel cards. I can’t thank Pinnacle enough for all the hard work they have done for me.

Ms Downing

Invoice Finance