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Commercial mortgages are vital to small businesses like yours. You need a space to work from, but renting can be costly and isn’t a very good investment. Just like owning your own home, a business mortgage means the money you pay each month increases your capital and isn’t lost in rent, instead going into the property itself. It’s a secure way of lending with the property as security, meaning if anything should happen, the property can be reclaimed to settle any owed balances.


Commercial Mortgage in the UK

Business Mortgages

Commercial mortgages come in a vast range of shapes and sizes, and most busy business owners don’t have the time or skills to deal with them. This where Pinnacle Business Finance comes in, offering tailored commercial finance fromBristol, without forcing you to do all of the leg work. We’ve already built relationships with providers and have extensive negotiation experience, enabling to get you the very best deal on your business mortgage.

A commercial mortgage is in essence a form of a secured business loan, a property loan if you like. In the event you fail, the commercial mortgage lender would take ownership of the property to settle the debt. People commonly refer to commercial mortgages as a business mortgage.


Business Property Finance

Businesses commonly look to property finance when they are expanding or looking to secure the property they are operating from. Accessing a commercial mortgage is simple with Pinnacle Business Finance so you can be assured an expert broker will guide you through the process.

A commercial property is a great way to enhance the net worth of your business, so something to consider if you are looking at taking the next step.

Balance Sheet

Business mortgage payments have excellent tax benefits, and you should always consult your accountant on how to maximise this.


With all investments, past performance doesn’t reflect future earnings. If the property goes up in price, you can stand to benefit, if you sell. As with any residential mortgage, you get the benefits of paying it over 25-30 years and owning it at the end when you choose a commercial mortgage.


By purchasing the premises, you can give your business stability in the future, you are the landlord. It’s a great way of giving your business a solid grounding for the future.


Commercial Mortgages in Bristol

Pinnacle Business Mortgages

You need to be aware that nearly all lenders require at least a 30% deposit. If you are an established business with some capital, it may be a great way to secure the future.

Lenders will look at affordability so its key to ensure your accounting is up to date.

As you will become the landlord, all repairs and maintenance would be down to you. It’s crucial you take this in to account, as poor investment could cause the property to devalue.

The premises will provide stability but a fast growing business may outgrow the premises. It means you may have to sell or indeed rent the premises. Suitability for now and the future is something to consider.

Bridging loans are high interest but may allow you a to take the opportunity of buying a property at a great price. Planning can ensure you get the best deal.

If you’re looking for commercial mortgages to afford your next office or warehouse, feel free to give us a call or use the enquiry forms across our website to get in touch. We understand how crucial getting the right business mortgage will be. Commercial mortgages are just one aspect of the business finance we offer from the heart of Bristol.

Pinnacle Business Finance Broker's Commercial Mortgages

Bridging Loans – They quite literally designed to bridge the gap between buying and selling a property. These are predominantly focused on people who need a commercial mortgage quick such as buying property from an auction. A typical example of this would be a property developer who needs funds fast to buy a property, renovate and sell before they have sold a previous property.

Commercial Mortgage – Normally over 25 to 30 years, with a 30% deposit. Rates are very low, as expected given the larger sums you are borrowing against the term. It’s works well if you want to expand, as any improvements to the property would be beneficial.