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How does Confidential Invoice finance work?

Confidential invoice finance in short means a business’s debtors are unaware of the invoice financier. It functions with a pre-paid percentage up to 90% of the value of the invoice being paid to the business stopping them having to wait until they get paid. Once the invoice has been paid the remaining 10% or balance is released to the business minus fees. The main difference with it being a confidential facility is the debtor or customer is unaware of the invoice financier. This may be prevalent for several reasons such as contractual obligations. A trust account is set up for the funds to be paid into by the debtor before it is returned to the business minus the pre agreed fees. This a very common form of factoring in the UK.


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What are the benefits of Confidential Invoice Finance?

If you are using confidential invoice finance in the UK, then this can have many benefits. One of these is that your debtors are not aware of you having an invoice finance facility due to a trust account being set up. Not having the pre requests of a secured loan of having to be a homeowner is another benefit. New start businesses will struggle to secure this form of invoice finance however can be eligible for confidential factoring.

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How can Pinnacle compare confidential invoice finance facilities?

As a finance broker based in the South West, we have many different options for business when looking at comparing invoice financier. As Pinnacle Finance is a commercial finance broker, we will be there to not only support you in securing the finance but ensure it fits your business requirements. The confidential invoice finance facility will be based on your sales ledger, levels of turnover the sector you work amongst other factors. These will be assessed by the finance broker at Pinnacle to ensure you understand the offers being presented to you.