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Pinnacle Finance is an expert at securing construction finance. We have a wealth of experience and know the challenges construction companies face. Talk, email, or video chat to a finance broker. 


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How does Construction Invoice Finance work?

Construction invoice finance works in a similar way to other invoice finance facilities but is set up to support construction and contractual businesses. When Pinnacle refers to contractual business, we mean those who have signed a debtors or customers contracts to complete work under their T&C’s. The business will receive a pre agreed advance payment on their invoice’s typically up to 85% for work they have completed. Once they have received a sign off or confirmation that the work has been completed the remaining balance minus the fee’s is returned to the business. Negating the need to have to wait 30, 60 even 120 days for payment.

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Why use Construction Invoice Finance?

If a business is fulfilling a contract with high raw material cost, labour costs or larger projects that will put a strain on cash flow then construction finance can be used to aid this. If stage payments are put in place for each part of the work being completed, this is ok with the invoice financier. If the business is subject to a large contract such as a JCT contract or CIS tax, then again, the invoice financier will understand these. Certain invoice finance companies will have specialist products that purely support construction companies. The invoice finance facility enables construction companies in the UK access finance and support cash-flow in a secured sustained manner.

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How can Pinnacle support as a Finance Broker

Pinnacle knows construction business’s in the UK can be susceptible to having a strain on cash-flow or find it difficult to access commercial finance. As a finance broker one of our many jobs is to support business’s in the UK secure construction finance. Once we have done this we present and discuss the invoice finance quotes with you. The brokers here at Pinnacle Business Finance are very well placed to support business’s in the construction industry and have experience in securing business finance for them.