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How does Trade Invoice Finance Work?

Trade invoice finance is there to support UK businesses who import/export around the UK or globally. Essentially it still operates as a traditional invoice finance facility would be having the ability to pay your supplier quicker and trade with more business’s. The invoice financier will pay the supplier on the business’s behalf. This allows the business to continue trading and use these funds as cash flow. Once the business raises an invoice to the customer, they receive an agreed advance on the invoice up to 85% and then the remaining balance received once the invoice is paid. There are a few additional fundamental added bonuses with trade finance. These are that commonly the invoicing is insured so you don’t lose out. Also, import taxes can be paid keeping it simple and straight forward.

Who uses Trade Invoice Finance?

Business’s all over the UK who import or export across the world currently and can potentially take advantage of these invoice finance facilities. Manufacturing, food and drink industry and the clothing industry all are ideal for cash flow support facilities such as this. Having finished goods which are insured whilst being transported by air, rail or sea is crucial for the business applying. Typically, the businesses who are well established and have been trading longer than 12 months are in a great position to apply. However new start businesses who are looking for finance can still apply and speak to a broker at Pinnacle as they can still be eligible.

Success stories of Trade Finance

There are thousands of business across the UK who use a form of trade finance to support cash flow and grow their business. One business Pinnacle has secured funding for was a clothing business who important seasonal clothing from China. Their turnover was £1.8 million with great ambition and drive to grow. They were constantly battling against cash flow as they needed to fulfil large quantities each time. They not only had to wait for the goods to arrive from China and pay import taxes. They then had to wait for the good to be delivered into their warehouse in the UK. Finally then get them out for delivery to the customer. The pain didn’t end there. Once the goods were delivered a further 45 days of credit terms until they finally got paid. The finance broker at Pinnacle could see how to boost turnover and turn this situation into a positive. They secured a trade invoice finance facility for the business allowing them to take larger shipments, improve debtor relations in China with their supplier and trade with more business’s in the UK. Now their turnover has grown exponentially to £2.7 million in space of 12 months. Pinnacle always offers a free consultation to all UK Business’s and act as trusted, respected finance broker.