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Finding The Best Card Machines In Bristol

Finding the Best Merchant Card Reader


Chip and Pin Card Machines In Bristol

Nearly every business owner and consumer use a merchant payment service to pay for goods or services every single day. We expect to see a card machine on the counter when we go into a shop, bar, restaurant and the list goes on. It has become the quickest, easiest, and most secure way of taking payment. Both for the consumer and business. After all, it adds trust for the consumer when making payment to the business. But how do you know what is the best card machine? Any business owner who has looked at changing or taking merchant payment knows there is a vast array of chip and pin machines. All having their own strengths and weaknesses. Often the business owner can become confused by a complex fee structure offered by merchant payment businesses. The world’s most popular card machine is the Ingenico series. But there are many other card readers. Fortunately, we have the very latest technology in card readers at Bristol Card Machines. Not only this we have a full market offering so all clients have the freedom of choice.


 The Card Reader Built for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses


Keeping efficiency within a small business is one of the key aspects of success. The A920 card machine is at the cutting edge of technology. It looks and feels like a smartphone with Android and Apple Pay Technology. Being fully customisable through apps. The card reader is tailored through the app store to the individual needs. It allows the consumer to make a payment on their phone, through the contactless card reader, or by using their credit or debit card. It’s a portable card machine with the ability to connect to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, and 4G. So, wherever the business is taking payment it’s possible through the A920 card reader. It even has a camera front and back for QR code scanning. Opening up further marketing opportunities for small businesses. Could a loyalty card be introduced for those loyal customers who keep coming back? The A920 card machine pays for itself and more with it adding to the service your business provides. It sets a professional image for the business and shows you are taking payment security seriously.


The A920 Card Machine for Coffee Shops, Bars, Restaurant, and Small Businesses In Bristol


A business owner in the hospitality industry is acutely aware of how important it is to have the best merchant payment service. It can be costly to wait for staff to remember long lists of menus, prices, and shop contents. So, what if there was a way of mitigating this. Making the staff more valuable and efficient. The A920 has a pin on glass tailored technology where the menu, shop contents, or any business information can be saved onto the machine. Allowing the business to quickly look at prices or make amendments at the touch of a button. Further apps can be installed to make life easier for small businesses. Furthermore, due to its wireless capabilities having a portable card machine with extensive battery life is even better. It allows the consumer to be anywhere in the South West or wider UK and still be able to make payment. This can be incredibly useful for tradesmen who are on the road and no longer want to take cash. Setting a professional image and allows them not to have to keep banking the cash each week. Saving time and money.


The Choice of Card Machines In Bristol

From reading the above you probably have realised why merchant payment machines are so vitally important. They are one of the first and last impressions on all customers and sets a professional image for the business. After all, putting an outdated card reader in front of the consumer doesn’t set the right impression for the business. Hopefully the above has provided scope and knowledge on not only the A920 card machine but the wider card machines on offer.

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How Much Is A Business Credit Card Reader?

How to Get A Business Credit Card Machine?

When running a business having the ability to take debit and credit card payments is more important than ever. Not only is it the most cost-effective way of taking payment but it increases the average sell transaction value. You may already know this and but be left thinking, great but how do I get a card machine. More importantly which is the best business card reader for my business? Fortunately, Pinnacle Finance in Bristol has this covered. We have the whole of the card reader market available to us enabling you to get the best rate and card machine for your business.

We take simple easy details from yourself and source the card reader for you. You can enquire online, over the phone, or by email. On average we get this done in less than 24 hours making it a fast way of finding a card machine. It gets better. If you have a card machine already then, we analyse your last 3 months’ card transaction statements. We see where we can save you costs. On average we save over 32% on the monthly charges for businesses. This makes a real financial cost saving for businesses around the South West and across the UK. We’ve had some fantastic case studies of businesses saving hundreds on their card reader each month. It’s one of the quickest and easiest ways we can help businesses with their financial decisions.


How Much Do A Business Card Readers Cost?

Business credit card machines will be charged to the business owner differently. This will depend on how the business operates, average transaction value, types of card payment, and overall value each month. At Pinnacle we will look at this for you and decide with you the best option. It can be charged on a set fixed fee per transaction for lower values each month. This keeps a manageable fixed cost per month making it easy and transparent to work out. For larger shops, pubs, or restaurants around Bristol then a fully integrated EPOS system may be more beneficial. This will integrate your card payments into a till and allow for a personalized accounting system. Again, here at Pinnacle Business Finance in Bristol, we work with the very best EPOS providers.

If you are familiar with taking card payments, then a split fee per transaction may work out more valuable to you.  This will be charged per transaction and differ depending on the amount and type of card payment you take. A standing charge may be applicable depending on the card provider. We will discuss this with you prior to putting you in touch with the credit card merchant provider. Making sure you understand how you will be charged and how this will benefit your business.



Where Can I Get A Business Card Machine?

When looking for a merchant card machine then you’re in the best place with Pinnacle Business Finance. You have the ability to compare the market of UK card machines and allow us to save you time and money. We make the process simple, efficient, and cost-effective. After your free initial consultation, we source the card machine for you. So, don’t worry you don’t have to spend hours looking around for a business card reader. We take care of that for you. Furthermore, if you run an e-commerce business in Bristol or the surrounding area then taking payment online is key. Payment gateways are vitally important, and Pinnacle will source this for you. We can recommend IT web developers who can integrate this into your website for you. You can carry on running your business whilst we take care of merchant payments for you.



Compare Business Credit Card Machines

When comparing business credit card machine Pinnacle will look at multiple factors for you. This is because there is a huge difference in the merchant provider’s offerings. It will vary on how you are charged. The type of card terminal you can have and the way in which you facilitate card payments. Amongst many others. We look after this for you and come back with up to 3 options. This is to overwhelm you and allow a comparison of card payment providers. We only work with the very best card machine providers. We have carefully selected the best card reader companies giving you the confidence to know you are working with. You can contact a Pinnacle team member here.