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Pinnacle Business Finance in Bristol can help if you have some capital expenditure or need a way of financing a specific project. Repayment terms for business loans can vary from 3-60 months and provide a great way of getting you the simple finance you need. Often unsecured, business financials are essential along with up-to-date forecasts.

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Business Loans

When people think of finance for their business, they believe a commercial loan is what they need. As with all forms of finance, there are pros and cons, and it’s essential that you consider all the options available. Business loans come in two forms; secured loans and unsecured loans, and they are very different.

A secured loan is a more structured way of getting commercial finance as it is often over a longer term. By increasing the length of the term, you often lower the monthly repayments. Although this sounds more appealing, longer terms increase in the amount of interest paid, due to the amount being outstanding for longer. Another critical consideration is the fact that a secured commercial loan is secured against a tangible asset, such as your home. This gives the lender security in the event of a default, therefore lowering the perceived risk. All lending works on the principle of risk and reward. If the perceived risk is lower, the lender often reduces the amount of interest charged. Secondly secured commercial loans can help businesses to access finance by providing collateral.

Unsecured loans can be a more flexible finance solution and don’t always require homeownership. This is because a personal guarantee backs them. Fin-tech (Financial Technology) loan providers are growing in this sector, with funds released in as little as 24 hours from the enquiry. The monthly interest repayments are higher than secured business loans. The term of the loan can be shorter if required, to reduce the overall cost. Unsecured loans are often short term business finance and are similar to a revolving facility.

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Business Loans for Start Ups

Get in touch with Pinnacle Business Finance in Bristol today and we’ll get started on securing a start up loan to grow your business.

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Secured Business Loans

A secured business loan is for business owners who are homeowners and therefore adds security to the loan provider. 

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Unsecured Business Loans

An unsecured business loan is a finance product that is secured against a business by a personal guarantee rather than the business itself.

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VAT Business Loans

Contact Pinnacle Business Finance in Bristol and one of our staff will help you get started in securing a VAT commercial loan.

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Ecommerce Business Loans

From Shopify to WooCommerce. We’ve had the privilege to work with numerous Ecommerce stores

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Hospitality Business Loans

Businesses in the hospitality sector commonly find it difficult to access commercial finance. Why is this?

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Easy Business Funding

With Pinnacle Business Finance in Bristol

The repayments for a commercial loan are fixed, making the whole process transparent and straightforward. This is a massive benefit for any business looking at raising commercial finance. The lender can provide a quick fix and although a high APR, if used for a matter of months, the actual amount repaid is less. A key consideration should be early repayment fees, so make sure you look at why you need the finance. The repayments can be taken on a day rate or monthly varying on the lender and the business. Some lenders will look to help you with your VAT or PAYE bill.

Some lenders will help a business trading as little as six months with the criteria being light. Often three months business bank statements and a copy of your full accounts will fit the majority of lenders. At Pinnacle Business Finance in Bristol we can advise on what we need from you to get you the options. We work very closely with our lenders to ensure we get you quick response you need on your commercial finance application.

The finance is over a fixed period with fixed repayments making the whole process simple and transparent.

Simple finance

You may wish to use the commercial finance to purchase an asset. Although it will initially show as a liability, once repaid, that asset is now on the balance sheet.

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As business loans often require some form of forecasting and Management Information, it can allow you to bring all this up to date for future planning.


Unsecured Commercial Loans

Small Business Lending

Most lenders will want to see at least 6 months trading history and some forecasts. Being on top of your finances is key – and we can help!

The finance is unsecured meaning it is often linked with a personal guarantee to yourself. If anything happens to the business, you may find yourself liable for the remaining amount.

New Start businesses will struggle to find this type of commercial finance, but can still get support with business funding. Although many businesses feel a business loan is for them, we understand your goals to ensure we get you the right commerical finance.

Different types of Funding for Businesses

Peer to Peer Business Loans – Often charging higher rates, they can provide a flexible approach and take on more risk. Most peer to peer lenders can deliver funds within 24 hours, so it’s a fast method of business funding.

Cashflow Loans – They can provide a quick fix and although a high APR, if used for a matter of months, the actual amount repaid is less. Some providers will look to help you with your VAT or PAYE bill.

Trade Loans – A fantastic way to finance orders, they can be secured to the stock you are purchasing. With the view they are repaid back quickly, it can allow you to take advantage of large orders.

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