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If your recruitment business is starting its journey, then get in touch with Pinnacle so you’re not left wondering what recruitment invoice finance can offer to the growth of your business.

Pinnacle Finance has a wide spectrum of recruitment invoice finance solutions in Bristol and across the UK. We have invoice financiers that are 100% focused on recruitment agencies. Increasing turnover and keeping positive cash flow is crucial when growing any business. Having an invoice financier can reduce your workload and keep you focused on running your business.

How much does Recruitment Invoice Finance Cost?

Recruitment invoice finance can be one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways of financing cash flow within a recruitment agency. Our invoice finance experts are very well experienced at working in this sector so can therefore negotiate the best rate for you.

We know you have a business to run and how competitive this industry can be. We can secure advance rates to boost cash flow up to 100% giving you full control and flexibility. The fees are commonly bundled into one simple fee making it quick and easy to work out profit margins.

Payroll and Credit control

Your recruitment agency needs to focus on running its business to increase profits and turnover. Back-office operations can be time-consuming so outsourcing is an option with invoice finance in Bristol. Payroll and credit control can be administered on behalf of the business by the invoice financier. This will be built into the recruitment invoice finance package. One of the finance brokers at Pinnacle can discuss the options available to you.

Invoice Finance for Recruitment Businesses

In the world of recruitment nearly all UK temporary recruitment agencies will have utilised invoice finance or a form of cash flow support. Why is this? It’s quite simple, temporary recruitment agencies need to pay staff their wages weekly (whilst having to wait to get paid themselves). This leaves a cash flow shortfall and is where recruitment invoice finance fills the gap. It functions like nearly all other invoice finance facilities, however, its sole focus is on recruitment agencies. It’s then tailored to the individual recruitment agency’s requirements. This will depend on the business turnover, what sectors they operate in and how involved they would like the invoice financier. We secure invoice finance for start-up recruitment agencies through to corporates. Start your recruitment invoice finance journey today and Pinnacle will do the rest for you. Saving you time and money.

Factoring Invoices in Bristol for Recruitment Agencies

Factoring invoices in Bristol for temporary recruitment agencies is pivotal to success and keeping cash flow strong. If you place permanent and temporary workers, then invoice finance can allow your business to grow. Paying temporary agency workers weekly can really drain cash flow. Especially when you are invoicing out on 30 or even 60-day payment terms. There is a simple and fast financial cash flow solution for recruiters in Bristol. Factoring invoices in Bristol will support cash flow and allow you to outsource credit control. Giving you to have more time to run your recruitment business. Factoring invoices is an efficient way of growing your recruitment business.

If your recruitment business has outstanding invoices when invoice finance starts you will receive a lump sum payment. The more outstanding invoices you have the higher the first payment that can be released to you. Pinnacle in Bristol has the expertise, knowledge, and experience of supporting a wide range of recruitment businesses in Bristol and the surrounding area.

Invoice Discounting in Bristol For Recruitment Agencies

Invoice discounting is reserved for the larger more experienced recruitment businesses. It’s a cash-flow solution that will support recruitment businesses of over £500,000 turnover or more. It supports cash flow and grows the recruitment business whilst keeping monthly fees low. It gives the recruitment business greater levels of control and support. Invoice discounting is a premium cash-flow invoice finance solution.

Pinnacle has secured a wealth of funding for recruitment agencies in Bristol. We have the whole of the recruitment invoice finance market available to us. This in turn allows your recruitment agency to get the very best invoice discounting solution.

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